Fiberglass Mesh 50sqm for Plastering and Rendering 145gsm

Alkaline Resistant Fibreglass Rendering Mesh
Size roll
1 meter wide x 50 meters long, Coverage 50 sqm 145 gsm.
Grid size 0.5 cm x 0.5 cm
Made from woven fibreglass and coated with an alkaline resistant latex.
The coating prevents the alkaline present in cements from degrading the glass fibre,
resulting in reduced strength
Tax included


Technical Info

The mesh is ideal for use in construction and is mainly used to reinforce concrete, cement, screeds, renders and plasters It is an ideal reinforcement for render. 

Applied for reinforcing facade plasters in building insulation systems with the “light” method in all types of buildings regardless of their height;

can also be used to strengthen the floor screed on unstable surfaces,

to bridge cracks in the walls inside the building and as a reinforcement for plaster placed on ceilings