Roof Vapour Barrier Insulation Foil Membrane 90gsm Metallized Aluminium 1.5m X 50 meters


Membranes can be used in all ventilated and non-ventilated roofs. Designed for habitable rooms in the attic. When used in combination with intermediate roof coating, the membranes ensure optimum ambient conditions in attic rooms and all rooms in your home

Vapour barrier heat and sound insulation on roofs, walls, attics, ceilings and floors

Roll Size 

1.5 meter x 50 meters 

Coverage 75 SQM

Use staple gun and  standard  aluminium tape to install.

Tax included


Technical Info

Both sides made from metallized aluminium polyethylene, reinforcement with PP net, heat-reflective surface. keep heat inside the building New advanced and efficient membrane that reduce your heating bill Highest quality product mark with special label.

Range of working temperatures °C -40 /+80 Fire class E, tearing strength kN/m  ≥210 vapour-proof, prevent heat losses by reflecting the thermal radiation, additional wind and vapour barrier, prevent the dampening of the thermal insulation of the roof, tear-resistant thanks to reinforcement, flexible and easy to install.

Is used as protection against the penetration of water vapor and moisture in sloping and flat roofs, vertical wall structures, installed parallel or along the rafters, directly under the thermal insulation

Resistant to mechanical damage , structure provides increased mechanical strength with reduced thickness

When installing all surface has to be cover (no holes or gaps).