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10 meters wide 22 meters long heavy duty product Thickness 210micron 840Gauge

UV product stabilized for min 10 Seasons . High Quality Polythene Made in Germany. Heavy duty membrane meets the highest requirements of professional veg and flowers growers

Min cutting length is 3 meters Max 22 meters

Select SIZE LENGTH to choose how many meters You need

Minimum cutting length is 3 meters Max 22 meters. Longer Length then 22 meters available on collection ONLY

Gardenvit Greenhouse Film is made of the highest quality raw materials in COEX-3 technology.

All films are ISO 9001 certified. The production technology guarantees high strength, long service life and high light transmission.

  • 3-layer film manufactured using metallocene catalysts and the highest quality PE-LD
  • High light transmission up to 92-94%
  • Uniform light diffusion - perfect exposure
  • High durability: tear, puncture and stretch resistant
  • Flexible: with softening agent
  • Thermal effect  A parameter defining the quantity of light transmitted through the film and its diffusion.Perfect light diffusion for uniform exposure.Light promotes growth and impoves fruit quality.
  • Tear , stretch and puncture resistant for greenhouses subject to strong winds and with lower quality frame.


  • construction of garden tunnels for a period of min 10 seasons
  • for crop protection in horticultures, agriculture and forestry
  • for crops requiring high light intensity, especially during low-temperature or cloudy spells, e.g. for roses or early vegetable cultivars
  • Its heat absorption ,at a level of over 80%, increases crop efficiency, accelerates plant vegetation and constitutes an effective protection against frost, allowing for considerable heat energy savings in heated tunnels



  • low light reflection coefficient ensuring high permeability to solar radiation
  • selective permeability to infrared radiation
  • good anti-electrostatic properties
  • lightness and flexibility
  • high durability and tensile, puncture and tear resistance
  • resistance to weather factors and UV radiation
  • vapour and gas impermeability
  • easy to install
  • possibility of usage in the broad range of temperatures from -40° C to +50° C
  • It can be installed on both high and low tunnel structures made of PVC tubing, metal angle brackets and rods or wooden elements with smooth surface

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