Polypropylene Ropes – GLOW IN THE DARK

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Superb quality rope offers very high strength and low stretch Shining in the darkness  soft with excellent hand grip  100% Polypropylene silk  16 plait construction, excellent durability and handling Water absorption: ~ 0% Made from high strength UV protected materials resistant to chemicals will not rot or degrade widely used on construction side boats sailing or transport

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Color :White glowing in the dark Diameter 6mm

High quality polypropylene rope very low weight, will float on water high performance line for dinghy halyards, control lines, overhauls, lanyards and leach lines.

Our rope offers very high strength and low stretch soft with excellent hand grip braid

100% Polypropylene silk

16/16plait construction excellent durability and handling Core- P/P , Cover -P/P , DaN - 380 KG

Water absorption: ~ 0%

Very low weight rope will float on water

High resistance to water  UV stabilized and weatherproof


Gadgets and adversing 

Toys and equipment for children

Texle and clothing industry 

Securing cargo

Sport equipment  and tourism

Stranded tent -

Rescue aquac and terrestrial

Fire  rescue  equipment


Road construction


Building sector

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