Underfloor Heating insulation Membrane

66,99 € Vat incl.

New product

Roll size  1 meter x 50 meters  .  Coverage  50 sqm

Use this membrane on concrete floor to insulate foundations from absorbing heat from underfloor heating system. Works with all kinds of floor heating  hot water pipe and electric .

Modern insulation foil Strotex Hotfloor, specially designed for installation under underfloor heating systems


Provides high reflection of thermal radiation - it is an excellent thermal barrier increasing the efficiency of underfloor heating systems accelerates the response time of the underfloor heating system protects polystyrene boards against technological moisture from cement mortar, while laying the top layers of the floor on them waterproof, non-absorbent surface high resistance to rot and pests durability, strength lightness, flexibility cutting to the desired size does not require specialized equipment (sharp scissors are enough) clean and safe to use: does not contain glass fiber, does not cause irritation, does not require the use of protective clothing it can be used alone or over another insulation product 100% recyclable Heating system is much more effective, membrane reflected heating radiation. also insulate from moisture

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