Fleece Plant Protection Weed Pest Control Garden Insulation Membrane 1.6 m Wide

12,00 € Vat incl.

New product

Polypropylene Non Woven Fabric Stabilised Against UV Radiation 1.6 meter wide Length up to 200 meters

Designed to shield plastic tunnels or greenhouses against the sun, durable and longer lasting. The fabric will not tear and it is easy to 'cut to fit' with scissors. Speeds vegetation, increases yield, protects plants from pests and weather

Select TUNNEL LENGTH to choose How Many meters You need

Protects seeds, plants, fruit and vegetables against frost, bird and insect damage   Strength, durability, resistance to damage, lightness, flexibility, ease of assembly and forming, increased resistance to UV rays, high air and water vapour permeability, resistance to changes in weather conditions and temperature, produced from the highest quality materials.

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