Damp Proof Black 4 meters wide 1200 gauge roll DPM 300Mu



Made from quality polyethylene (LD-PE) real thickness 300mu ,1200 gauge , 0.30mm.

This product is CE approved with declaration number  IDD-004WU/1-T/2014 PN EN 13984:2013

Used for the performance-proof layer under the floor, flooring, concrete floors, etc.

Minimum cutting length is 4 meters Maximum is 25 meters

Please Select  LENGTH to choose How many meters You need.

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Technical Info

Used for the performance-proof layer under the floor, flooring, concrete floors, etc.  The protective layer against moisture for thermal and acoustic insulation. protection of roof slopes also suitable for weed control  Secures roofs, cladding panels and windows during the finishing works. Ideal for construction yards, etc.. Water tightness flexible, strong and easy to install vapour-proof constitutes a water-proof layer which protects the building (foundations, walls, etc.) from getting damp protects against weather and contamination (rain, snow, dust, etc.).

These universal protective film products can be used whenever surface protection is required. The versatility of the film makes it possible to use it for different purposes, as required by the customer.

Safety film should be used in accordance with technical specifications supplied with the product.

Multi-folded for easy handling range of working temperatures – 40 ; +80 °C. Longitudinal tearing strength N/mm ≥115. Transverse tearing strength     N/mm ≥80



  • metal and coated surfaces,
  • window profiles (PVC, Al),
  • windowsills,
  • furniture,
  • white goods,
  • carpeting,
  • bathroom fittings.


  • strong, durable,
  • easy to install,
  • flexible,
  • universal,
  • UV-resistant,
  • easy to remove,
  • weather-resistant,
  • does not leave any traces on the surface.