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Manufactured to comply with DIN3055,  DIN3060,  DIN 3066 1770[N/mm 2][Mpa] – resistance to tensile This rope is hot dip galvanised, rust resistant for 4 years depending on weather conditions. Made from quality steel hot forging and hot rolling finish.

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Manufactured to comply with DIN 3055,  DIN 3060,  DIN 3066 1770 [N/mm 2][Mpa] – resistance to tensile Clear PVC plastic coated wire rope including plastic coating Heavy duty galvanized steel Can be used as a gym wire, solid washing line, security wire. Diameter including plastic coating.

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Best stainless steel rope available on the market  7×7 flexible construction  50 Years Warranty  A4 grades will offer excellent corrosion resistance and the ability to handle extremely low (cryogenic) and high temp  Grade 316 is also known as marine grade stainless steel due to its increased resistance to chloride corrosion Prices per meter use QUANTITY...

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